Apparently it’s very dreadful not to be in California, it drove the Mamas & Papas to perform one of the most beautifully eerie harmony-pop songs in rock history. Thanks to the limitations of 1966 production, the four-part arrangement sounds apocalyptically choral. The song was covered 100s of times but no cover has been able to catch the feeling you get from the original. For instance Japanese punk band Hi-Standard did exactly what you could expect from a Japanese punk band: punk guitars and bad English. Well, it’s not that bad after all. i take them more serious than the River City People. Seriously, what he hell? Are they a cult? Just look at them. Also the clip looks like a commercial for pharmaceutical products. The Beach Boys also could’ve done a better job, they didn’t manage to capture the special power from the original version. And why the hell did Meat Loaf make a cover in 2k12 (warning: contains saxophones and lots of drama)? And thanks to tha soul sista ambassador Lutricia McNeal (totally forgot about her and so did you) we can also enjoy an urban version, just what we needed! Thank you Lutricia. LUTRICIA.

update: first recorded by Barry McGuire. However, the best known version is by The Mamas & the Papas, who sang backup on the original version and released as a single in 1965