Status: Classic

PBA: 1

Brilliant classic of classics. Awesome costumes and even better choreography. This was their first single on Motown and boy did The Corporation do a good job not giving the song to Gladys Knight & The Pips or Diana Ross as was first intended. Weird thing is seeing this preteen fella sing about broken relationships, but hey, who gives a fuck right? That’s what the whole world was thinking because it went straight to #1 (as did the next four singles).

Of course, every classic needs to be covered: Mexican cumbia band Los Super Reyes was just found guilty for statutory rape. The Civil Wars turned it into elevator music. The West End Girls did a good job just copying the thing. And of course, a pop punk cover had to be made. This abomination was made by members of Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend. Why would they do that?