Status: Classic

PBA: 1

Nothing much to say: it’s an awesome boogie about someone who is on the road and apparently not for the first time . If you don’t like it, you should go away and never come back. Alan Wilson (leader/singer/harmonica/guitar/27 club member/Blind Owl) reworked a song by Floyd Jones from 1953. This version was also an adaptation from a Delta blues song by Tommy Johnson from 1928.

Several covers were released after the Canned Heat version gained popularity, the most unnecessary can be found on the equally unnecesary comeback album by Belgian cult band Telex. Also Katie Melua should know when to shut the fuck up. Third prize for major fuckup goes to the French spacefag outfit ‘Les Rockets’ for Giorgio Morodering a blues song and not making it sound like Giorgio Moroder at all.