Status: Cool

PBA: 1

I really like this song. It was a complete departure from their usual rock patterns. They show they are willing to get away from the stereotypes about rock music and embrace new possibilities. This is a good thing because there used to be a time when dance fans and indie rock fans were two totally different species. Both genres of music essentially came out with the same thing, just in a different package and with different instruments. You couldn’t like both styles at the same time and still be cool. Now, it seems like the lines have blurred, and bands like Bloc Party, who come from an indie rock background, are letting their music be remixed as full dance albums. After going from obscure British indie band to larger-than-life rock stars with their 2005 debut Silent Alarm, Bloc Party have broken all genre rules in just 2 years. It is also the first song where the autotune doesn’t bother me. Sadly, after this Bloc Party only made crap, so Kele tried solo, but this was also crap. Then they tried again and made this cool song.