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Stupid band name
Stupid song name
Good album
Sounds exactly like Real Estate
I Like Real Estate
These nice people are from Barcelona


In these heavy political times a lot of political music is being released. Take for instance this new single by thrash legends Kreator.
I used to listen a lot to thrash but for one reason or another I have literally never listened to any song by this band.
After listening to this i can say that they do thrash better than what Metallica does on the new album. I didn’t get whhy everyone was saying Metallica went ‘back to the roots’ on Hardwired…
This song is actually kinda cool, merely for the great nostalgic feelings it summoned. Great thrash with a chorus that reminds me of In FLames when they sold out. An anthem that never will be an anthem. But it’s a cool listen if you’ve ever been into metal during puberty 😀

Good job, Kreator!

They keep on doing the same thing…

Generally favorable reviews.

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no official audio/video available