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My favorite Canadians will release a new EP called ‘Creep’ very soon.
This is the single.


Status: Cool

PBA: 1

Another single from the golden electro era. This shiny fossil belongs to Canadian electrofunky duo Chromeo which consists of a jew (and brother of A-Trak) and an arab so at least that must be interesting. It’s a catchy tune about footwork, preferably fancy. It’s quiet around these guys lately (years). (update: they released a cool album named White Women in 2014).

ZZT is a collaboration project between Zombie Nation and Tiga, both big names in the electro scene and sole survivors of the early 2000s electroclash scene. Both moved into more serious directions since Sunglasses and Kernkraft. This track is acid, not the music genre, but the agressive corrosive stuff leaving a sour taste in your mouth. It’s awesome and anthemic, but too slow for dancefloors. In came Justice with a bangin’ remix which deserves its own post. They chop up the track and bring more rhythm, throw in some Billie Jean drums, some stops and starts to end up with some dirty funk sauce for the original. The 12″ was released on Tiga’s own Turbo label.