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My favorite Canadians will release a new EP called ‘Creep’ very soon.
This is the single.

Status: Cool

PBA: 5

Status: Awesome

PBA: 3

For Fans Of: My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Crystal Stilts, Joy Division. On their second album, Primary Colors, The Horrors leave behind all the bad stuff and goth clichés from their first album. That’s a good thing! This song is proof of that. Or what NME writes: “Their second blooming begins with a pulsing beat and neon synth patterns, out of which, awesome in its size, comes a screaming wash of guitars. Mirror’s Image’ is essentially My Bloody Valentine in sharper focus, a wall of heavy distortion cut through with melody, into which Faris wails: ‘Is it the way… is it the way she looks at you’?”

Status: awesome

PBA: 1