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SebastiAn was my favourite Ed Banger artist. The golden era of the label was 5-6 years ago (2007-ish) and how fresh and exciting every new release was back then, how dated is sounds now. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. Take for instance this track off the 3rd Ed Rec. comp. It sounds very agressive and in your face and thus typically Ed banger. The track is built from a sample of Walls Of Jericho’s 2004 song A Little Piece Of Me, so it’s a woman’s voice tearing your eardrums. The problem with SebastiAn is that he’s not really evolving: his ‘album’ was released in 2011 and had only a few new songs on it, all the rest was his previously released material, not what the world was waiting for. Nostalgic feelings still make me listen to this banger though…

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Ed Rec 3.

Ed Rec 3 was awesome.

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This song was cool when it was released and it still kind of is. This promising duo was doing the right thing at the right time. It’s pretty huge to have your first EP released on the cool French Kitsuné label. The kids were – of course – waiting for an album, but only another few 12″s came… The album is expected somewhere in 2013 which in my humble opinion is way too late because by then everybody has totally forgotten that they even exist. They sound like what Crystal Castles were doing at that time, that’s probably why they released a split EP together. Crystal Castles released their 3rd album in 2012 and are clearly evolving their sound and are huge now. I’m pretty curious what they are going to sound like 5 years after they made it to NME’s top promising bands.  We’ll see… Meanwhile have a listen, it’s really not that bad.

Vitalic Remix is cool too.

Already super cool before their big break!