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More Wipers

Recently rediscovered these guys. Can’t stop listening.

YES I read the Discogs article about Spanish punk… and i love it.

This was one of the first bands that did punk in Spanish. The were highly influential for the whole scene.

The band leader decided to tour again this year, so maybe i will get to see them…

I’m as old as the song:)

This song is amazing. Patrick Stickles, the very charismatic leader of this pack, is a master in telling these kind of tales. This one is about the meaning of life. I think +@ (as they like to symbolize their initials) is a hate-it-or-love-it band. Well I love them and this is my favourite song by them.
This one is from an album they released a few years ago called ‘Local Business’ (+@ are all about New Jersey). Be sure to listen to their latest album, a punk opera concept album titled ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’ and be sure to catch them live because their energy on stage is bewildering!

Stickles being serious about life:

And you could scream for a hundred years
Split that sky with a thousand curses
To tell the evil that men do
Honey, you wouldn’t even scratch the surface

Status: Epic

This album is in my all-time top 10!

PBA: 1

From their best and also last album The Shape of Punk to Come. Rated 9.4 on p4k. This is what they write: “Throughout the record, the band found some platonic ideal of tension-and-release, mutating constantly and pulling in all sorts of vaguely silly genre-leap ideas (chintzy techno beats! jazz breaks!) without altering the fundamental heaviness that they were so great at. It’s the sound of a world-class hardcore band deciding that they’re done with hardcore, that they want to push their music in all sorts of unexpected directions, and then just ending up with an amazing hardcore album at the end.” This song has embodies all of that. It was all very pretentious but it was all just perfect. It is now a classic.

Bonus: Cry rivers as Crazy Town, band of dickwads butchers the song completely. mightofprinces captures it all very well in the comment section:
“(1) Refused are legends in the punk scene, and Crazy town covering their song is like Dane Cook telling a Richard Pryor joke.
(2) New Noise was a song about the need to experiment with sound to bring attention to new ideas which will revolutionise hearts and minds. Crazy Town copied every band on MTV.
(3) Refused are fiercely political, Crazy Town sing songs comparing women to caterpillars.
(4) The guy is rapping ‘Dick with it’ over the top of the song! Like wiping your ass with the decl. of ind”

Status: Classic

PBA: 1