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Also the new xx single suxx.

Saw these guys in concert for the fifth time last weekend and omg they have become so amazing live!

Edit: video

FKA Viet Cong finally got a new name and went back to business after the Great Band Name Controversy 2015-2016.
And they did what they do best, making amazing, dark yet melodic songs. (As proven already with the earlier released track ‘Anxiety’.)

Following the same direction as their previous album towards awesomeness. Great new album.

So this is one of my favourite bands of the last few years. They changed their band name for obvious reasons (Viet Cong was really not Viet Cool) and I think they made an excellent choice. This song is pretty dark, just how I like it. Also Matt the singer is a really cool dude with a cool voice and also a gifted bass player.